Specialists in candidate sourcing

We help companies identify, attract and generate interviews with specialists & generalists
on most levels

Pointshare Recruitment was founded in 2011 with a foundation of more than 18 years’ experience within the recruitment industry. We execute our services locally and globally. On our reference list you will find some of the top 500 Nordic companies in addition to a few job boards and recruitment agencies. 


The reason for our success
– We do it significantly different 

We believe that our customers can handle a large part of the recruitment process themselves instead of outsourcing the entire process. The main challenge is most often to get relevant and interested candidates to come for an interview. Pointshare Recruitment speeds up the process and delivers interested candidates that are already screened on your professional competence requirements. 

Our research team is acknowledged for their effective and flexible sourcing services. Regardless of where in the world you are in need of a candidate we can provide you with a list of potential candidates in just a few days. Hereafter we will generate the candidate's initial interest in the job, initiate the dialogue with them and create a basis for an interview. The investment is the same regardless of which profile and where in the world we solve your recruitment task. 

Pointshare Recruitment assists in-house HR departments as well as recruitment companies in handling critical parts of the recruitment process based on cost-effective, transparent and performance-based solutions. Half of our fee is performance-based. 

We educate and certify our own and customer’s researchers through our Researcher Academy, rent out researchers onsite or remote and provide sourcing services globally and locally.


Alternative to job boards and
traditional recruitment agencies 

Most job boards often target active job seekers focusing exclusively on their own database and traditional recruitment agencies generally want ownership of the entire recruitment process with corresponding price levels and longtime horizons on delivery. Pointshare Recruitment is a strong alternative to both  – we deliver candidates who are ready for an interview and serve companies who want to conduct interviews, obtain references and negotiate contracts themselves.

A part of the Sylvester United Group 

Pointshare Recruitment is a part of the Sylvester United Group, which also consists of Sylvester & co, who are specialised in recruitment best practice courses and conferences for headhunters and HR- and recruitment departments. Sylvester & co educates more than 500 HR professionals each year and serves a wide range of top 500 Nordic companies, including leading national and international recruitment companies. Read more about Sylvester & co at  www.sylvester-co.dk

 Makeover Services International (MSI) is also part of the Sylvester United Group. The company specializes in LinkedIn Profile Analysis, LinkedIn Profile & Company Page Makeover Services (Personal and Corporate Branding) to B2B, B2G & B2C customers locally as well as globally. MSI currently serves customers in 13 countries, and 80 % of the revenue is generated on the B2B market. Among their customers you will find following companies: NNE, Rema 1000, Grant Thornton, Alliance +, Dahl & Kjærgaard, Bossard, Sweco, Genau & More and Formpipe etc. Read more about MSI at www.makeoverservices.com


About Christian Sylvester, Founder and CEO
of Pointshare Recruitment 

Since 1999, Christian Sylvester has been occupied with human capital in a commercial context, and has throughout his career had various roles, including Consultant within the IT industry, Key Account Manager, Career Coach, Network Facilitator, Senior Consultant and as Manager at large national, as well as international, recruitment companies. 

Today, Christian is one of the leading lecturers within recruitment best practice and social media. He was one of the first Danes to join LinkedIn and has as the first HR professional in the Nordic countries developed a Facebook employer branding concept in collaboration with a leading Nordic Facebook software company.

Christian Sylvester's LinkedIn profile

Pointshare Recruitment Specialist was founded in 2011 and is based on more than 15 years experience within the recruitment industry. Pointshare Recruitment Specialist executes its services locally and globally. On our reference list you will find a list of top 500 Danish companies of whom we serve in Denmark and internationally. Selected job portals are also represented on our reference list. Our research team is noted and acknowledged for their effective and flexible sourcing services both locally and globally. In short, regardless of where in the world you are in need of a candidate, we can in a few days provide you with a catalogue over possible candidates and henceforth create the prefatory interest in the job, and initiate the dialogue to potential candidates. We solve all tasks at all levels and in all industries. 

Part of the
Sylvester United Group

Pointshare Recruitment forms part of the Sylvester United group which also runs Sylvester & co who are specialised in online & social media education and counselling of HR and sales departments. Sylvester & co educate more than 500 HR-professionals each year and serve a wide range of top 500 Danish companies including leading recruitment companies. Sylvester & co also runs a course and consultant company in Norway. In addition to this, the Sylvester United-Group also runs MSI - Makeover Services International. The company is specialised in LinkedIn Profile Makeover Services (private and corporate branding) in the B2B, B2G & B2C market locally as well as globally.

About Christian
Founder and CEO of Pointshare Recruitment
Since 1999, Christian Sylvester-Nielsen has been occupied with competence transmission in a commercial context and has through his career had various roles such as consultant within the IT industry, key account manager, career coach, network facilitator, senior consultant and manager at large national as well as international recruitment companies.

Today Christian is one of the leading lecturers within recruiting and employment of social and online media. He was one of the first Danes who LinkedIn into play and has as the first HR person in the Nordic countries, developed an employer branding concept to Facebook together with a leading Nordic Facebook consultant and software company.

Christian is among other things educated in marketing and has a BCom in Organisation and Management. At the latest, Christian has been employed at a leading SharePoint course and counselling company as HR Manager.

Christian Sylvester's LinkedIn profile