Pointshare Recruitment Academy

Establish your own headhunting service

Pointshare Academy gives your HR-employees the best conditions for proactively solving your recruitment challenges.

Pointshare Recruitment is an online course designed to maximize your employees’ knowledge about sourcing candidates and giving them the skillset to source the right candidates for you – both locally and globally.

The academy is developed by researchers with extensive experience in sourcing candidates all over the world.

  • Your employees will complete the online academy and go through the different modules, including a final exam.
  • Previous experience with candidate sourcing is not a requirement – we will teach your employees everything they need to know.

We train our own Researchers through Pointshare Academy. Upon finalizing the course, external participants will be able to carry out sourcing tasks at the same level as our own researchers.

Gritt Larsen, Head of Search, Pointshare Recruitment

Pointshare Academy has taught me how to find the best talent in the most efficient way.

Freja Ehmsen, Employer Branding & HR Development, BEC.

How the course progresses

  • All modules contain practical exercises consisting of both quantitative and qualitative assignments, where the researchers will improve their sourcing skills.
  • The participant receives written feedback regarding all exercises within three days of completing a module. This also contains all the featured questions from the modules and how the participant answered. 
  • When all modules are completed, the training is finalized with a final exam based on a realistic recruitment scenario, including parts from all modules of the academy.
  • The academy is generally based on free subscriptions (LinkedIn basic account etc.)
  • The participants can also choose an add-on module about LinkedIn Recruiter Lite and an IT-module explaining different terms within this industry.
  • If you want our feedback on how your employees handled the course, we are happy to send you our assessment upon their completion of our Academy.


Module 1: Preparation and Boolean* (advanced) Search Methodology

  • How to analyze a search
  • Initial preparation for a search
  • Identification of relevant keywords, synonyms, language variations and methods
  • How to design a Boolean search string (advanced searching technique)
  • How to limit or extend a search to achieve more relevant results
  • Sorting and listing your candidates in Excel

* Boolean search is an advanced search methodology that can be used on Google, LinkedIn and other platforms. Boolean search methodology is highly relevant and a skill that all researchers should possess today.


Module 2: Boolean Search Methodology on LinkedIn

  • How to use Boolean search methodology and advanced search functions on LinkedIn
  • How to efficiently identify industries, related industries and hereby relevant candidate pools
  • How to X-ray LinkedIn trough Google


Module 3: The Participant’s LinkedIn Network

  • How your network affects your potential reach
  • How to extend your network to reach out to more relevant potential candidates
  • How to develop your mindset and build your network on LinkedIn – tips & tricks

Module 4: Communication

  • Communicating with potential candidates – how to handle questions and comments
  • How to convert prospects to actual interested candidates
  • How to set up effective LinkedIn messages/InMails and kickstart a dialogue
  • How to make your candidate open and read your e-mail – every time!

Module 5: Selling the Job and the Company as an Attractive Employer

  • How to “sell the job” and attract potential candidates’ attention and interest
  • Prospectus development – how to develop professional candidate material that creates trust and an interest in the company and the position
  • We focus on the difference between “good” and “bad” communication with the candidates


Available Add-on Modules

  • IT module: An introduction to the basic principles within the IT industry to give a better understanding of how to source talent with industry-specific skills
  • LinkedIn Recruiter Lite module: An introduction to LinkedIn's own sourcing tool/platform, customized for small to medium sized recruiting businesses or HR departments of larger firms


Enrolling in Pointshare Recruitment Academy

Your investment

  • Each enrolled employee is 4.288 DKK
  • The course lasts approximately 10 hours for each participant
  • We presume that the participants possess basic knowledge about LinkedIn, and that they already have a LinkedIn profile before initiating the course. 

You will receive an e-mail with the required link and login information when the course initiates.