What We Offer



Phase 1 - Longlist

  • Potential candidates who match your requirements are listed on what we refer to as the Longlist.
  • Within 24 hours you will receive 2-4 test profiles, to establish that our search is on the right track.
  • Upon receiving this list we will ask you to highlight which of the potential candidates you wish to initiate a dialogue with.
  • The Longlist usually contains about 20-60 profiles, and it can vary depending on the complexity of the position and current market supply and demand of potential candidates.

Your investment is DKK 12.500.

Phase 2 - Shortlist
  • Once you have returned the Longlist with your comments and indication of which profiles you would like us to proceed with, we will reach out to these potential candidates.
  • We initiate these dialogues with the intention of "selling the job" and positioning your company as an attractive employer and turning them into candidates with a real interest in applying for the position. 
  • If possible, we obtain CVs, grade transcripts and other relevant documentation from the candidate, and, if still relevant for the position, establish contact between the candidate and your hiring manager or HR department.
  • We strive to deliver at least 2-6 candidates who are interested in a dialogue about possible employment. Depending on the complexity of the position and current market supply and demand of potential candidates the final number of candidates may vary.

Your investment is DKK 12.500.


Sourcing voucher

If our regular sourcing concept doesn’t fit your needs, you might find that our solution with the Sourcing Voucher suits you better. This solution enables you to invest the number of hours you want, - the minimum amount is 25 hours and then the rest is up to you. As an example, you might invest in 75 hours to work on various sourcing requirements. Maybe you would like for us to work on a Longlist or perhaps you are in need of a professional Prospectus...?

Please reach out to us if you want to discuss your current recruitment situation and we’ll help you figure out how we can match your needs best.

Your investment is DKK 475 pr hour.



A prospectus is an extended job description usually consisting of 5-10 pages including a more detailed description of your organization, key numbers, and the specific department or other information relevant to the potential candidates for the specific position. 

  • Using a professionally developed prospectus increases your chances of sparking the candidate’s interest in your organization or firm. You oversee how we write and design the prospectus, which means we will only use images, text and layout approved by you.
  • You will have full ownership of the finished product, and the next time you need our recruitment services we will edit it to fit your current recruitments – free of charge.

Your investment is DKK 4.500.


Help with your job advert

We are happy to help you write a professional and efficient job advert. Through a conversation with you we will identify your need2have vs. nice2have requirements for the potential candidates, their responsibilities and tasks.

  • Pointshare Recruitment will write a professional job advert and ensure that it is selling the position and your firm/organization in the best possible way.
  • You can invest in this service as an add-on to your Sourcing or as a singular service. Your investment is DKK 3.500.
  • If you are already in possession of a job advert and wish to improve it, we are happy to help you make sure that your advert attracts the desired candidates’ attention. ‚Äč

Your investment is DKK 1.750.


The phone booster

At any time during the process you can choose to have us call the candidates. We refer to this add-on investment as The Phone Booster. You can initiate this boost when you wish to kickstart the dialogue.

  • We’ll call the candidates of your choice with the intention of sparking their interest in the position and your firm.
  • The booster is an add-on to the initial written enquiry they have already received.
  • Your investment is DKK 5.000 for 1-7 candidates from the Shortlist.


Video screening

This add-on service is used as an additional screening filter in the process of choosing between your potential candidates before you book them for an interview. Let us help you!

  • Video screening allows you to ask the pivotal questions and decide which potential candidates you wish to move forward with.
  • You can assess the candidate’s personality through an interactive dialogue.
  • Make sure your candidates meet your requirements regarding their level of a specific skill –for example a foreign language required in this position.
  • This screening process will also enable you to gain insight into their vocabulary and how they react in a high-pressure situation.
  • Video screening can reduce your time interviewing by 50 %.
  • You can interview the potential candidates anywhere. They might be at home, on a trip overseas or at work, if they have access to the internet and device with camera and a microphone it makes no difference.

We use the video platform Rec Right in this screening process. Your investment in 5 questions is DKK 2.395, and if you wish to add more than each additional question is DKK 550.