Rent a researcher


Rent your own researcher specialized within your industry.

With our flexible and focused recruitment solution you will get results and cut recruitment costs at the same time.

We educate specialized researchers

Pointshare Recruitment offer researchers specialized within your industry to solve your recruitment challenges. We recruit students from higher education institutions in Denmark, educate and certify them from our online Pointshare Research Academy. When the academy, consisting of 5 modules and a final exam (plus optional add-on modules), is completed, the student will be equipped to take on concrete and current search assignments both nationally and internationally through desktop research. The academy is based on best practices within candidate research, and is designed by researchers with several years of experience from both international and local sourcing.

Read more about the content of Pointshare Research Academy here.


You will get better, more efficient and cheaper recruitment processes

The combination of a professional researcher education and the researcher’s passion for their industry creates a solid basis for assisting you in your recruitment processes. When the academy is complete, your new researcher will contribute to cutting recruitment cost by eliminating the need for access to job portals and recruitment agencies, and cutting down advertising costs – which in total makes for a great business case.

This setup also includes a great deal of flexibility, as students are able to manage their own working hours, increase or decrease the workload as required, and adjust their efforts accordingly.


No need for cafeteria privileges or a desk at the office

The researcher will be able to work remotely, from your offices or from Pointshare Recruitment’s offices in Copenhagen. The choice is yours, and together we will find a solution that suits all parties.

The researcher works within given frames, procedures, deadlines and goals. This includes when and where the work should be completed, adjusted to fit the client’s needs and the researchers calendar.

All researchers bring their own computer, and access to a Google Chrome browser and WIFI is usually all the researcher needs to solve a search assignment. Alternatively, the client can make a computer and other required equipment available for the researcher’s disposal. The researcher’s access to accounts such as Skype or other subscriptions (e.g. a LinkedIn Premium subscription) is agreed upon with the client in advance, and costs are covered by the client.


Mandatory brush-up training every 6 months

All researchers actively employed by Pointshare Recruitment are required to complete 4-5 hours of additional training every 6 months to maintain their search skills and ensure that their competences and knowledge of relevant tools are completely up to date. The training is completed online and is followed by an exam to ensure that the consultant has the best possible qualifications to be able to provide a professional service.

Platforms such as LinkedIn and Google constantly change their services and features, and new smart tools appear on a daily basis. We strive to keep track of all relevant tools and incorporate the most efficient ones into the researcher’s work methods.


The researcher can always ask a Pointshare colleague or superior for help

All researchers outstationed from Pointshare have online access to our intranet and chat function, where concrete help for current search assignments or other daily challenges can be acquired. During normal working hours the researcher will get a reply within 24 hours, this service is not available during the month of July.

We create trust in the researcher’s online business card (LinkedIn profile)

When the academy is completed all our researchers receive a professional LinkedIn Profile Makeover from our sister company Makeover Services International. This assures a professional online appearance, which contributes positively to the overall candidate experience and creates trust.

Researcher warranty

In the event that your researcher does not live up to your expectations we offer the following warranty:

We will replace your researcher once without additional fees. The warranty is valid one month from the researcher’s start date. We strive to deliver a replacement with a professional and educational background as close to the original researcher as possible. A researcher can only be replaced once under warranty.

Establishing the cooperation

We will follow up with both parties to ensure that the cooperation works, and that all conditions are met. This assures a good experience for everyone involved, and a rapid establishment of the cooperation. Additionally, all researchers are required to give a weekly update to Pointshare Management.

Expenses for services such as LinkedIn subscriptions and the like are covered by the client, or are expended on periodical invoices from Pointshare Recruitment. Pointshare Academy and other material (such as search guide) are currently available in English only, but the guide can be acquired in other languages for a small additional fee.

The educational concept is generally based on free subscriptions (such as LinkedIn etc.).

Our researchers are explicitly educated in screening of professional competencies and not in screening of personal competencies.

All invoices are issued with a payment deadline of 10 days net.

The advantages of Pointshare Recruitment’s “Rent a researcher” concept

  • A competent and flexible recruitment resource
  • Avoid large expenses for external recruitment solutions
  • Get your own researcher that focuses solely on your specific needs
  • Avoid spending an excessive amount on advertising
  • Your researcher has professional insight into your industry trough his or her studies
  • The course is designed by researchers with extensive practical experience

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Your investment

You rent a researcher for as many hours as you need pr. month, although a minimum of 24 hours pr. month is required. Pointshare Recruitment’s researchers are generally available to rent for a minimum period of 3 months at the time. We either have a certified researcher with the right professional and educational profile ready for accession on short notice, or we will recruit candidates based on your specified needs and educate them through our academy.

  • Startup fee: DKK 625 ex. VAT
  • Hourly fee: DKK 465 ex. VAT
  • Payment: 10 days net


Recruiting from educational institutions

A selection of the educational institution from where we recruit:

  • Technical University of Denmark (DTU)
  • IT University of Denmark (ITU)
  • Copenhagen Business School (CBS)
  • Aarhus University School of Engineering (AU)
  • Aalborg University (AAU) and others
  • We recruit from all higher education institutions in Scandinavia.


Next step – how to initiate a cooperation

If you would like to learn more about our concept or book your researcher directly,
contact Pointshare Recruitment at or at
+ 45 51721974.