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Let Pointshare assist you in solving your recruitment challenges by helping you recruit a researcher specialised within your industry, or rent a researcher on flexible terms.

Pointshare Recruitment offer researchers specialized within your industry to solve your recruitment challenges. We recruit young professionals from higher education institutions (master level) in Denmark, educate and certify them from our online Pointshare Research Academy. Once the academy, which consist of 5 modules and a final exam (plus optional add-on modules), is completed, the researcher will be equipped to take on concrete and current research assignments both nationally and internationally through desktop research. The academy is based on best practices within candidate research, and is designed by researchers with many years of experience from both international and local sourcing.
No previous experience with candidate sourcing is required prior to attending the academy.

You can either rent a researcher on flexible terms or hire a researcher on a more permanent basis – the choice is yours!

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