Our sourcing concept
– How we solve your recruitment challenges


We provide qualified and interested candidates ready for an interview with you for only 25.000 DKK + VAT.

Location does not change anything, your investment is the same regardless of where in the world your new employee is located.

Attracting new employees can be challenging – you may not have the skills or the resources it takes, or you may experience that candidates simply do not apply to your job ads. Pointshare Recruitment assist you with the initial part of the recruitment process by attracting potential candidates for a specific position, initiate the dialogue, establish candidates' interest in the job and book them for an interview.

All researchers employed at Pointshare Recruitment are trained and certified through our Academy, and receive mandatory brush-up training in order to stay up to date on the most recent and efficient ways to source relevant candidates.


How it works 

We start the process with an initial phone call where we go through your candidate requirements and what the ideal candidate profile looks like. Based on this conversation we set up a specification of qualifications with regards to professional skillset, previous experience, educational background and other relevant information. When this specification is confirmed by you, we start our search for potential candidates. Our process is divided into two phases, Phase 1 (longlist) and phase 2 (shortlist):

Longlist – phase 1

Potential candidates are mapped and placed on a list containing name, current title, current employment, location and a link to their LinkedIn profile or other public platforms. This list is called a longlist, and upon receival we will ask you to indicate which profiles you would like to take a closer look at and potentially establish a dialogue with.

Shortlist – phase 2 

After returning the longlist with your comments and indication of which profiles to proceed with, we will reach out to these potential candidates with the intention of "selling the job" and your company as an attractive employer, and turn them into actual candidates with a real interest in applying for your position. If possible we obtain CVs, grade transcripts and other relevant documentation from the candidate, and if still relevant for the position, establish contact between the candidate and your hiring manager or HR department.


Your investment for a longlist mapping potential candidates for a specific position (phase 1) is DKK 12.500 + VAT. Phase one is billed upon initiation of the assignment. 

You can proceed with the longlist yourself, meaning our job is done, or you can move on to phase 2 (shortlist) and let Pointshare take care of the initial dialogue with potential candidates – the choice is yours. In case of the latter, the candidate will experience being discreetly contacted by a professional headhunting firm, which in most cases increases the likelihood of the candidate being interested in going into further dialogue. 

In the event that Pointshare's effort leads to a meeting between you and one or more candidates (physical or by phone, Skype or other electronic communication), Pointshare will charge an additional fee of DKK 12.500 + VAT. If no mutual matches are found and no candidates are invited into further dialogue, phase 2 is free of charge.  

Regardless of how many candidates gets invited to meet with you, completing the search process including phase 1 and a successful phase 2 will entail a maximum investment of DKK 25.000 + VAT.

What does the process include?

Phase 1

  • An initial dialogue, via telephone, about the recruitment challenges and the process
  • An analysis of the position and the potential market supply and demand of candidates
  • Definition of nice2have versus need2have competencies
  • Preparation and initiation of the search process
  • Mapping of potential candidates (longlist)
  • Continuous dialogue with the client throughout the process
  • An introduction to how you anonymously view potential candidates' profile on LinkedIn
  • Upon request we can forward 2-3 test profiles upon initiation of the assignment to assure that the assignment is correctly understood

Phase 2 

  • Initial contact to relevant potential candidates
  • Preparation of a sales pitch with the intention of encouraging potential candidates' interest in the position and your firm as an employer
  • Clarifying and mapping of potential candidates' interest in going into further dialogue
  • Pointshare acts as mediator and answers initial questions crucial for the candidate's interest in moving forward with the process
  • Obtaining CVs, grade transcripts and other relevant documentation from candidates
  • Establishing contact between candidates and your firm's hiring manager or HR department in the event of a mutual interest of moving forward with the process

Phase 1 (DKK 12.500) will be invoiced upon initiation of the sourcing process.

Phase 2 (DKK 12.500) will be invoiced only if Pointshare manages to bring relevant candidates forward for further dialouge with your firm. If not, phase 2 is free of charge. 

How do you screen candidates? 

We initially screen candidates based on information available online, and utilize platforms such as LinkedIn, Google, Xing, Twitter and other social and professional networks. To get a more detailed look into potential candidates' experience, we obtain their CV, grade transcripts and other relevant documentation and forward this to you. This documentation makes it easier for you to make a decision on whether or not the candidate is relevant for an interview. Additionally we kindly ask candidates to make a self-assessment of their own professional qualifications and previous experience in relation to the responsibilities listed in your job description.


How many candidates can we expect? 

A longlist usually consists of 30-60 profiles, depending of the complexity of the position and current market supply and demand of potential candidates. How many profiles you choose to shortlist is up to you, but for us to be able to make further screening of potential candidates' skills we recommend that you include as many profiles as possible to the shortlist. Our objective is to deliver at least 2-6 actual candidates with a true interest in going into further dialogue about a possible employment with your organization.


What kind of assignments do you take on? 

Pointshare Recruitment source candidates on all levels and within all industries. Your next candidate can be located anywhere in the world – our methods are equally effective whether we source candidates locally or internationally. Our reference list includes some of Denmark's top 500 companies as well as a selection of job boards. We have sourced candidates globally as well as for their local Danish offices.


Additional services 


In order to present the position in a way that encourages the candidate's interest, we advice that you acquire a professionally developed prospectus. A prospectus is an extended job description usually consisting of 5-10 pages including a more detailed description of your organization, key numbers, the specific department or other information relevant to candidates for that specific position. 

For an additional fee of DKK 4.500 we develop a professional prospectus to increase the likelihood of getting relevant and interested candidates for an interview. We ensure a visually appealing design and which material is used is decided in collaboration with you. You get final approval of the prospectus before it gets shared with potential candidates. 

Telephone screening 

As an addition to the sourcing process we can introduce telephone screening of candidates. Telephone screening can be a great tool with regards to exposing salary expectations, anticipations to the job itself, current compete clauses, terms of notice, previously achieved results, language skills and other information that might be relevant for your recruitment process. 

Your investment for additional telephone screening is DKK 6000-8000, depending of the number of candidates and the complexity of the interview. To maximize the value of the information collected in the screening we work out which questions to ask in collaboration with you before starting the telephone screening.

Establish a cooperation

If you would like to learn more about our concept or initiate a cooperation, contact Pointshare Recruitment at 
or give us a call at + 45 51721974.

Pointshare's services are real value-for-money when it comes to creating a strong candidate pool.

Arne Kyed - P&P Partner, Talent Acquisition, Nordic, Nilfisk A/S

Pointshare's services are very professional and we are extremely pleased with our cooperation.

Mark Højgaard, CEO, Coinify

Phase 1

A start-up fee on 12,500 DKK + VAT pr. position will be charged, and includes:

•  An initiating telephonic dialogue about the recruitment
needs and the process

•  An analysis of the job, the posting, and supply and demands
of candidates

•  Differentiation of nice2have versus need2have competence
needs etc. (Minimum requirements)

•  Composition of prospectus (extended job description)
in collaboration with the customer

•  Preparation and induction of search

•  Mapping of potential subjects in excel
(name, current employer, title, etc.)

•  Continuous dialogue with the customer throughout
the process as well as forwarding of 1-2 test searches at start-up

•  Forwarding of long list consisting of potential candidates (subjects)

Billing of phase 1 will be carried out in the beginning of the task.

The interplay with the customer throughout
After the search has begun and relevant subjects become visible, they will each be mapped in an Excel sheet with specification of name, address, title, current employer, link to their LinkedIn profile and a field intended for need2have competencies as well as an indication of whether or not they are unemployed at the moment, and other interesting observations that have relevance for the task.

A catalogue with potential subjects
The long list is secretly evaluated by the customer (we gladly illustrate how to do this in one of our guides). At this point in the process, Pointshare Recruitment has not yet contacted the candidates, but awaits feedback from the customer about whether or not they are interested in contacting the subject in question. The client has received the long list, and by marking selected subjects with green you indicate that these candidates could be interesting in relation to the demands and wishes you have set up for your next employee. Most often, Pointshare Recruitment sent you around 30-60 potential subjects (long list).