Our Sourcing Concept


Solving Your Recruitment Challenges

Attracting new employees can be challenging. You might lack the necessary resources or maybe you’re experiencing that the potential candidates aren’t even responding to your efforts and adds.

Pointshare Recruitment can assist you with the initial part of the recruitment process by analyzing your demands regarding competences, attracting potential candidates, initiating dialogue, establishing the candidate’s interest in the position and booking them for an interview. We do not interview the potential candidates – that’s up to you.

  • We source potential candidates who match your requirements through public, online information. We use platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, Xing, Bing, Twitter, Stack Overflow etc.   
  • We reach out to shortlisted profiles and initiate dialogue.  
  • We establish their interest in the position and screen them to make sure your requirements are being met.
  • We deliver interested and interview-ready candidates.


Your investment remains the same regardless of where in the world your new employee is located.


How to reach us
If you want to know more about our concept and initiate a dialogue you can reach us at info@pointshare.dk or give us a call at + 45 27509078

Pointshare Recruitment's services are real value-for-money when it comes to creating a strong candidate pool.

Arne Kyed - P&P Partner, Talent Acquisition, Nordic, Nilfisk A/S

Pointshare Recruitment's services are very professional and we are extremely pleased with our cooperation.

Mark Højgaard, CEO, Coinify

Our Sourcing Process

We initiate the process with a phone call where we go through your candidate requirements for the ideal candidate profile. Based on this conversation we set up a specification of qualifications with regards to professional skillset, previous experience, educational background and other relevant information. When this specification is confirmed by you, we start our search for potential candidates. Our process is divided into two phases, Phase 1 (Longlist) and phase 2 (Shortlist):


Longlist – Phase 1

  • Potential candidates are mapped and placed on a list containing name, current title, current employment, location and a link to their LinkedIn profile or other public platforms.
  • This list is called a Longlist. It usually contains about 20-60 profiles but the number of candidates may vary depending on the complexity of the position and current market supply and demand of potential candidates.
  • Upon receiving the longlist, we will ask you to indicate which profiles you would like to take a closer look at and potentially establish a dialogue with. This is what we refer to as Shortlisting the Longlist.


Shortlist – Phase 2 

  • Once we’ve received your returned Longlist with your comments and indication of which profiles to proceed with, we will reach out to these potential candidates.
  • We initiate these dialogues with the intention of "selling the job" and positioning your company as an attractive employer and turning them into candidates with a real interest in applying for the position. 
  • If possible, we obtain CVs, grade transcripts and other relevant documentation from the candidate, and if still relevant for the position, establish contact between the candidate and your hiring manager or HR department.
  • We strive to deliver at least 2-6 candidates who are interested in a dialogue about possible employment. Depending on the complexity of the position and current market supply and demand of potential candidates the final number of candidates can vary.

A successful Phase 1 is 12.500 DKK and Phase 2 is also priced at 12.500 DKK, so your maximum investment is 25.000 DKK.


What does the process include?

Phase 1

  • An initial dialogue, via telephone, about the recruitment challenges and the process
  • An analysis of the position and the potential market supply and demand of candidates
  • Definition of nice2have versus need2have competencies
  • Preparation and initiation of the search process
  • We will forward you 2-4 test profiles within 24 hours to ensure that we agree on all aspects of the assignment
  • Mapping of potential candidates (Longlist)
  • Continuous dialogue with the client throughout the process


Phase 2 

  • Preparation of a sales pitch with the intention of encouraging potential candidates' interest in the position and your firm as an employer
  • Initial contact to relevant potential candidates
  • Screening of potential candidates regarding need2have vs. nice2have
  • Clarification and mapping of potential candidates' interest in going into further dialogue
  • Pointshare Recruitment acts as a mediator and answers initial questions that are crucial for the candidate's interest in moving forward with the process
  • Obtaining CVs, grade transcripts and other relevant documentation from candidates
  • Establishing contact between candidates and your firm's hiring manager or HR department in the event of a mutual interest of moving forward with the process
  • Follow up with the hiring manager
  • Replies to the declined candidates who are no longer in the running
  • Clarifying if the potential candidate is within your salary limits


Phase 1 (12.500 DKK) will be invoiced upon initiation of the sourcing process.

Phase 2 (12.500 DKK) will be invoiced only if Pointshare Recruitment manages to bring relevant candidates forward for further dialogue with your firm. If not, phase 2 is free of charge. 


Choose your own process

  • You can go ahead with the Longlist and initiate contact with potential candidates by yourself, which means that our job is done, and that your final investment is just 12.500 DKK. 
  • The other option is that you move on to Phase 2, where we reach out to the candidates of your choice. 
  • In phase 2 the potential candidates will experience a subtle initiation of dialogue from a professional headhunting firm, which in most cases will increase the likelihood of interest in a confidential and noncommittal dialogue.
  • If our efforts lead to a meeting between you and one or more candidates (physical or by phone, Skype or other electronic communication), Pointshare Recruitment will charge an additional fee of 12.500 DKK + VAT.
  • If no mutual matches are found and no candidates are invited into further dialogue, Phase 2 is free of charge.  
  • Regardless of how many candidates get invited to meet with you, completing the search process including phase 1 and a successful phase 2 will entail a maximum investment of 25.000 DKK + VAT.



In order to present the position in a way that encourages the candidate's interest, we advise customers to acquire a professionally developed prospectus. A prospectus is an extended job description usually consisting of 5-10 pages including a more detailed description of your organization, key numbers, the specific department or other information relevant to candidates for that specific position. 

For an additional fee of DKK 4.500 we develop a professional prospectus to increase the likelihood of getting relevant and interested candidates for an interview. We ensure a visually appealing design and take care to develop the material in close collaboration with you. You get final approval of the prospectus before it gets shared with potential candidates. 

Establish a cooperation

If you would like to learn more about our concept or initiate a cooperation, contact Pointshare Recruitment at info@pointshare.dk 
or give us a call at + 45 27509078.